“Did you know that our Thalamus remembers every color we have ever seen? ” — Gillian Rose

“Color Our World uses an alchmy of art, science & intuition to create any desired emotion or response” — Gillian Rose

Do you ever long to feel calmer, sexier, safer, or more energetic?
There’s a color for that…

  • Gillian Rose, environmental designer + color expert, is the founder of the Color Our World system.
  • Using her paint line of emotional colors, Associations, Gillian has soothed and satisfied many a hectic life.
  • At your home, Gillian can create personalized color palettes, designed specifically for you.
  • Let her show you how to use color to nurture your soul, stimulate your senses, enhance your relationships, and more.

What are ‘your colors’ ? Come discover yourself.........